Even when splattered with play paints and food crumbs, their tiny fingers and toes are adorable. Nonetheless, to avoid pathogen invasions and rest their little, hyperactive bodies, they require a gentle washing session. While many people believe that a newborn should only be given a sponge wash until the umbilical cord is removed, it is crucial to begin preparing for the actual bathtimes – especially the first bath. This piece, however, will focus on baby washing time in general rather than the first baby bath.

Why do babies need a bath?

As hinted above, the sole purpose of a baby’s bath is not simply to clean a baby’s delicate skin: But also to strengthen the parent-baby bond, boost the brain development process, assist cognitive and emotional development, improve sleep time, and have a wonderful phone-free time together. . But how can we ensure that these priceless bathing times fulfill the primary goal of a wonderful infant bath? 

Well, it can all be achieved by following a few simple tips:

  • Your baby’s brain is developing faster than you can imagine; use this time to know each other better. You read more about early child development here. 
  • Choose a room with a moderate temperature of around 75 Fahrenheit.
  • Sing and coo around while undressing your squeaky little one. They love to hear your voice and enjoy your touch.
  • Get a suitable tiny basin or bathtub according to the baby’s age.
  •  Choose a baby body wash and shampoo wisely.
  •  Maintain the water temperature to around 100 Fahrenheit. Many suggest that parents use their hands to test the water’s warmth, but it is better to use your elbow to feel it.
  • Don’t make it boring. Keep that annoying beeping cellphone away and tickle, laugh and play while bathing your baby.
  • Fill the tub with colorful toys (do not overload) to make the experience more exciting for your tiny scientific explorer.

Choosing a baby body wash is a critical aspect of the bathing procedure, as you may have noticed. The skin of a baby is far more tender and vulnerable than you may anticipate. Any misstep might result in bodily harm to your child, as well as emotional distress and guilt for you.

How can this be avoided?

Pick the best baby body wash. And how do you go about doing that? We must remember that not all babies have the same skin types, and not all can withstand the effects of parabens and even mild chemicals. The easiest method to figure out which one is right for your baby is to try a small quantity on their skin and wait to see what happens.

To make life simpler for our fellow parents, we’ve assembled a list of the top baby body washes, along with extensive descriptions, to assist our parents, particularly newcomers, in selecting the appropriate baby body wash.

As a bonus, here are a few things our new parents ought to know while taking care of their newborns.

So here we go!

Honest’s Lavender Shampoo + Baby Body Wash

The first product that has landed on our list is a two-in-one tear-free cleanser. Won’t it be fabulous to be free of juggling with multiple body wash and shampoo bottles and have it all in one place? Another great thing is that dermatologists have declared it free of any additives such as paraben, phthalates, harmful dyes, and dangerous preservatives. Instead, it contains natural moisturizers like coconut oil, aloe, calendula, and chamomile.

This baby body wash also comes with a variation of orange and vanilla scents, so you have a heap of scented choices at your disposal. To place the last cherry on the pudding, it is worth telling you that the product is ranked number one on Amazon

Cetaphil Baby Wash & Shampoo

Issues like dryness, rashes, sensitive skin, and eczema bother a lot of parents. You should keep in mind never to make the mistake of using a bar of regular soap on your baby’s skin. Not even the one meant for sensitive skin. There is a reason a different version is made for infants – they can’t withstand what you can. 

Considering these needs, the second product on our list of best baby body washes specifically intends on soothing sensitive and rash-laden baby skins. Its rich lethargy formula will ensure a stimulating and hubbly bubbly adventure for both you and your baby. This formula is also dermatologist-tested, paraben-free, colorant-free, tear-free, and hypoallergenic. This will be the best baby body wash for infants with sensitive or dry skin.

Johnson’s Head-To-Toe Gentle

Who hasn’t heard about the renowned brand Johnson’s? You must surely have seen the bottle with the johnsons label randomly lying around the house in your childhood. Some of you might even admit that their mothers have used it on them. The brand has been widely tested and trusted by parents all around the globe for decades now. 

While other cleansers claim to be the best in providing chemical-free products for a gentle bath, Jonson’s also works hard in keeping the pathogens away while maintaining the chemical-free standard. This pediatrician-tested and pH-balanced formula claims to keep 99.9% germs away and is also free of harsh scents. It is also hypoallergenic. 

Aveeno Baby Daily Moisture Gentle Bath Wash & Shampoo – Daily Moisturizer Baby Body Wash

Enriched with the goodness of oat extracts, this anti-drying and tear-free baby body wash provides your infant with all the essential vitamins their cute skin and hair require. Besides providing lightly fragranced sweet-smelling soft skin, the formula also ensures that the baby’s delicate skin is adequately nourished and soothed. The rich foamy lather easily rinses off, leaving behind the goodness of a chemical-free moisturizer. This product is also dermatologist-tested for your and your baby’s security.

Baby Dove Tip to Toe Baby Wash and Shampoo – Sensitive Skin Care

While Dove has enjoyed enormous fame and success in adult hair care and skincare, the baby version of its body wash has not failed to remain up to the set standard. Dove’s nutrient-enriched baby formula offers your newborn the warm care their beautiful skins require. It contains all the vitamins and minerals that the skin needs but is deprived of. And as a bonus, this formula is not only dermatologist-approved or pediatrician recommended but also carries a stamp of endorsement from the  National Eczema Association.

Of course, it is also paraben-free and contains no harmful fragrances.

Additionally, just like our other recommended products, this one has been tested under pediatric control and is made from a patented Avacado Perseose, which replenishes the skin barrier and preserves the cellular resources. 

In conclusion, bath time can be tedious and sometimes painful for both you and your baby. In contrast, the time should have been a golden opportunity to bond. While many parents cannot handle the pressure of raising a baby, others are misled by worthless rumors about babies.

The key is to remain alert but not panicky. Just take the process step by step and go with the flow, and raising or bathing a baby will become a piece of delicious brownie for you. Use this list to grab a baby body wash that meets your budget and suits your needs to enhance the experience further. All the best!