Is your child having red patches and marks on their bum? Do they try to scratch and feel irritated often? It is probably a diaper rash. In this article, you will be introduced to the best diaper rash creams of 2021.

You may realize that your baby appears to be more upset than usual, significantly when changing their diaper. When a diaper rash is present, a baby will frequently fuss or cry whenever the diaper area is rinsed or touched.

Inflammed baby bottom can be painful for both the child and the parent. It can cause discomfort, and since babies can not handle any problematic situation themselves, they will cry to ask for a solution. And that can cause anxiety for the parent too. 

The cause for a diaper rash can vary for every baby. Some babies have susceptible skin. Meanwhile, others get too tight diapers that let no air pass through them. 

Best Diaper Rash Creams of 2021

Before jumping on the best diaper rash creams, let us discuss some of the frequent queries asked by most of the parents regarding diaper rash:

Does warm water treat diaper rash?

Diaper rash is normally healed within a few days if the area is cleaned with warm water alone or with warm water and gentle soap.

What food items can cause diaper rashes?

Citrus food items such as limes, grapefruits, and oranges can badly hurt your baby’s bottom if they are already feeling itchy due to the pre-rash phase. Acidic foods can be a bit harder to digest, which can contribute to irritating excretion.

When should I be concerned about diaper rash?

If your child’s bottom is covered in bright red areas of skin, they likely have a diaper rash. A moderate diaper rash is usually treatable at home with over-the-counter medications. If a more severe infection, such as one caused by bacteria or yeast, you should consult with your baby’s doctor.

When your baby has a diaper rash, diaper changing is mandatory. If possible, change your baby’s diaper as soon as it becomes soiled; preferably, change it immediately after it becomes soiled.

Rinse cloth diapers twice to three times to remove all detergents, as some babies are sensitive to fragrances or detergents. Superabsorbent disposable diapers can help keep your baby’s skin dry.

Here are some of the best diaper rash creams of 2021 that can heal your baby’s skin quickly and gently. 

Triple Paste Diaper Rash Cream, Hypoallergenic Medicated Ointment for Babies

With dermatologist approval and pediatrician affirmation, Triple Paste is recommended by the National Eczema Association and is available at drug stores nationwide. Triple Paste is suitable for babies with sensitive skin because it contains no harmful chemicals. No harsh chemicals or unnecessary ingredients are used to formulate this gentle diaper rash ointment to soothe, treat, and prevent red, irritated skin caused by diaper rash. This medicated cream skin protectant provides long-lasting relief from raw, itchy skin in a skin cream that is gentle enough to be used daily. With its soothing formula, this ends up our list of best diaper rash creams of 2021.

Aquaphor Baby Healing Ointment – Advanced Therapy for Diaper Rash, Chapped Cheeks, and Minor Scrapes

A unique formulation of Aquaphor Baby Healing Ointment has been formulated to cater specifically to the sensitive skin of infants. This is the number one pediatrician-recommended multi-purpose solution for all of your baby’s skincare needs, including diaper rash. This healing baby ointment is not only effective at alleviating diaper rash, but it is also effective at soothing dry, chapped, or cracked skin and preventing chafing. Because it nourishes and protects the baby’s skin, it can help speed the healing process after skin irritations such as itchy skin from teething and drool rash have occurred. Best diaper rash cream for your newborn? Try it by buying it now! 

Aquaphor Baby Diaper Rash Paste – Fast Relief For Troublesome Diaper Rash and Flare-ups

Water-based Aquaphor Baby Diaper Rash Paste offers an instant soothing effect in just one application. It helps to protect your baby’s sensitive skin from diaper rash and other skin irritations. This creamy, non-sticky, rich cream formula enriched with natural Shea Butter is gentle to apply and easy to remove from the skin. While the Diaper Rash Paste is not as strong as the Aquaphor Baby Rash Cream, it contains a higher concentration of zinc oxide (40%) than the Aquaphor Baby Rash Cream. This is the most potent formula available without a prescription for treating diaper rash and creating a protective barrier to keep your baby’s skin from becoming irritated. Diaper rash that is moderate to troublesome and diaper rash flare-ups are the best candidates for this treatment. After just one application, it relieves your child’s discomfort while also protecting their skin throughout the night.

Boudreaux’s Butt Paste Diaper Rash Ointment, With Natural Aloe

Simply one of the best diaper rash creams in the baby skincare industry. No argument. Boudreaux’s Butt Paste Brand has been assured by pediatricians and parents for more than 40 years to help protect irritated skin caused by diaper rash and instantly seal wetness when used as directed. Additionally, when used regularly, it is an excellent way to help prevent diaper rash. Boudreaux’s Butt Paste With Natural Aloe Diaper Rash Ointment is a light, creamy ointment that contains 16 percent Zinc Oxide. It is available in a variety of sizes. It begins to soothe immediately upon contact, seals out moisture, and aids in keeping the baby’s bottom dry. It is free of parabens, preservatives, and dyes. Boudreaux’s Butt Paste with Natural Aloe is also free of talc.

CeraVe Healing Ointment for Baby | Diaper Rash Cream for Extra Dry, Cracked Skin | Lanolin & Fragrance-Free

Using a silky, lightweight formula that contains hyaluronic acid for added moisture, CeraVe Healing Ointment serves to protect and soothes a baby’s delicate skin when it is dry, cracked, and chafing. It protects chafed skin caused by diaper rash and aids in the sealing out of moisture. Fragrance-free Paraben-free Sulfate-free Even for sensitive skin, it is non-irritating. The National Eczema Association has approved this product. Key Ingredients: 5% of the population Petrolatum: This ingredient serves as a skin protectant.

A+D Original Diaper Rash Ointment, Baby Skin Protectant With Lanolin and Petrolatum, Seals Out Wetness, Helps Prevent Diaper Rash

A+D Original Ointment for Diaper Rash is a great addition to your best diaper rash cream collection when it comes to diaper rash. It’s safe to use at every diaper change, it’s simple to apply, and it’s gentle on the baby’s sensitive bottom. A+D ointment helps prevent diaper rash by forming a protective barrier around the diaper area, which helps keep moisture out.


Try to avoid using products with a strong fragrance, such as scented lotions and dryer sheets. Many babies find that hypoallergenic and fragrance-free products are significantly less irritating. Additionally, dress your baby in light clothing. It is possible to create a moist, hot environment with rubber pants or jeans over diapers. Or you can also go with the best diaper rash creams we mentioned above!