Toys are the most important learning agents for babies. They attract and teach the babies with colors, sounds and effects. Besides parents, babies under 3 years depend on their toys for leaning new things. Before the exposure to the world, babies interact to the mini stuffed world in their home in the form of toys. Toys are best for babies’ learning and knowing the world. Here are few toys that are best for babies. This list might help you in selecting the best toy for your baby under 2 years.

Are you looking for quality products in reasonable prices?

You landed on the right blog. Here we have listed down a few best baby toys that are very good in quality and are very cheap. These toys are security checked by manufacturers. The company cross checks the quality and then launch it in the market. The prices of these toys are not very high and they are affordable by the middle class.

Spring flower Wooden Toddler Jigsaw Puzzle Gift:

Spring flower wooden toddler jigsaw puzzle is very durable and is made of high quality, environmental wood that is strong and infant friendly. This puzzle box includes different animals, birds, and insects. These toys are very colorful as they are made for infants and infants are attracted more towards color. Keeping in mind the colors that attract infants, they kept reds and greens followed by blue and yellow, which makes it the best toy for babies. The company kept the size of the toy small so that the children from one to three years can easily hold them in their hands and they are very easy to grip because of the material used. This toy helps the babies under 3 years build up their concentration and strengthen their capacity of solving puzzles. Besides it is easy for the mommies to pick this toy while holding the baby as it is light-weighted.

Yellow Duck Baby Toy with Musical Songs and Lights Mist for Infants:

Music, lights, and moving toys have always been of a great attraction for little babies. They not only love it but they built an affiliation with that toy. The toy includes a yellow duck with a yellow light, it moves forward and backward and up and down. This helps to build the movement in infants and makes them smarter. The music in the toy brings a sense of rhythm to the babies and they will slowly learn to move and dance with the music and sometimes mimic that music too. The most interesting thing about this toy is that if you put water in its head, the duck will splash out the water from its mouth which will be like a pink mist. The color pink is due to the red light in its mouth. This feature and the splashing of water is relatively new for infants and they love it. This indeed is one of the best toys for babies because it keeps them entertained and helps in movement.

The Learning Journey Early Learning – Crawl About Bee:

Everyone wants their child to develop the best skills. This toy builds up gross motor skills in an excellent way. This is indeed the best toy for your one- to three-year-old baby. This Crawl about Bee helps your child learn how to crawl. This bee when started it will crawl on the ground and will attract the attention of your baby. Infants love to follow such vibrant colors and little insects. The baby starts associating with it and tries to follow it and slowly and gradually he gets the success of learning to move from one place to another. This Crawl About Bee Toy also includes three most favorite nursery rhymes like “twinkle-twinkle, Row-row-row your boat, and Itsy-bitsy spider.” To get it started all you need is to tap the nose of the Bee to wake her up and she starts moving around singing the rhymes. This is a safe and durable product that is easy to grasp as well and helps to build gross motor skills very fast. Hence, it makes it one of the best toys for babies.

Learning Resources Code & Go Robot Mouse:

The development of skills like critical thinking and problem solving etc are really important in the early life of babies. This toy helps your baby develop these respective skills and in addition, it helps your baby to learn coding skills, sequencing, and fundamentals of programming, thus, it makes the best toy for your baby. These skills are developed in your infant because of the way the toy is built. The company kept it in mind that how children will be attracted towards it and find it more interesting than other toys. This toy includes different 16 maze walls, three tunnels, and 30 double side coding cards, 10 activity cards, and a cheese wedge. Babies build the maze walls with a grid and let the mouse find cheese, the mouse lights up and makes sounds. It has a colorful button to match the coding cards that lets it move through. This amazing toy is not necessarily for one to three years old, children of 5 to 6 years of age can also easily play with this. 

Pop Up Princess Tent:

Since baby girls always love pink and want to be a princess so this toy is definitely something you need for your girl. This wonderful pink tent brings the dream of becoming a princess into reality. It’s made up of polyester soft fabric and is wrinkled-free. The best part is it pops up in seconds without any effort required. Your baby will love staying in there and playing with her toys. Besides this tent is decorated with shiny starlight that builds up a soothing ambiance and it looks great at night. This makes it the best toy for babies under 2 years.

Leap Frog Spin and Sing Alphabet Zoo:

When a child starts growing up, besides other things parents are always bothered about learning. One- to three-year-old babies need to develop his/her interest in knowing things. This toy gives you an amazing opportunity to make your little ones learn about the world in a different way. This toy has three main features i-e; ABCs, Names of animals, and music. Its shape is like a spinning wheel on which where are all of the alphabets and different animals when you spin the wheel whatever stops on the marked arrow is sounded by the toy. As a reward for every spin, the toy lights up. These distinctive features make it the best baby toy. Your child learns the name of animals, alphabets, music, and side by spinning, pushing, and sliding makes the infant build up strong motor skills.

Leap Frog Scout’s Learning Lights Remote:

As soon as the child starts crawling, the parents start hiding the things like remotes, mobile phones, etc. Infants from ages one to three especially imitate whatever they see around. Infants love remotes and mobiles; they feel excited when they change a screen or open some app. To overcome this issue Leapfrog designed a remote that is like a TV remote but it gives a child a new opportunity to learn. This remote includes shapes, numbers, first words, and much more. It has more than 65 songs, the screen lights up when the button is touched. This remote makes your child stay busy with activity ad so far it is the best toy for baby for 1 year.

Soft Car Toy Set with Play Mat:

Everyone is always concerned about the safety of their children, especially when they are in initial ages like one- to three-year-old. Everything around is new to them especially when they start sitting and crawling, they try to touch things. To keep them busy in an interesting game there is a new toy. This toy is best for babies because it keeps your baby safe and secure. This bag of nine soft cars with a play mat is very different from others. These are cloth-covered cars and are soft so if the baby accidentally hits himself, it will not at all be an issue. Besides this, the mat folds conveniently into a storage bag so, these are easily portable.

HISTOYE Baby Piano Toys for 1 Year Old Elephant Piano:

Babies feel more entertained with sounds, lights and vibrant colors. This toy is the best toy for babies because it gives them all the three things for entertainment. It has two different modes of learning and music; it makes the motor skills strong. Due to this unique quality, the piano is not just the best toy for babies but it helps in development and growth of your baby.