Best toys for babies 

Every living thing that exists in this universe has existence in pairs. This pair is made by a superpower for the continuity of our existence. When male and female gametes fuse it produces offspring. This offspring is the seed of keeping the inheritance in continuity. This continuity will carry on till doomsday. Supreme power has put the emotion of love for their offspring in the heart of their parents. Parents of the offspring have always been willing to sacrifice everything to make her happy. This is because they see the pleasure in their babies. The life interest of the human changes as he grows. But restricting us to childhood, we will discuss some of the most liked toys for babies which parents must buy for their babies in order to keep them happy. 

We need to be very choosy in our selection of toys. You should choose those toys which make your baby think about the real cause behind them. 


Although a compass is not a toy yet you can consider it as a toy for your baby. Einstein, the greatest scientist of all time in the world, was introduced to the compass in his childhood. It is heard that he began to think about the forces of nature in his very early stages of life and later what has been done through his contribution to the world of science is history. So, it is highly recommended to select some good scientific toys for your baby that will help in his life.

Make your babies aware of the technology

Technology is advancing too quickly. One should remain abreast of the time. Generation z, in most developing countries, is a little bit slow to understand the growing technology. So in order to make your baby well aware of current technology, he should be introduced to such toys at a very early stage of his life. For example, you can select any drone for your baby. He will enjoy flying drones along with generating new ideas about them.

Cycle with artificial intelligence 

It is the desire of every child to have a cycle in their childhood. It is naive to hear that artificial intelligence has made even tricycles more attractive. Artificial intelligence is an emerging field and will definitely make the distinction, like the invention of the wheel did, in the history of mankind. So, whenever you are thinking of buying a cycle for babies keep my suggestion in mind. Once your baby begins to think about the functioning of these technological toys, that day is not too far when your son will be a new Elon musk. 

Listening skills are indispensable 

When a baby is growing he is learning new things. He learns from his surroundings. The child will be like one of his surroundings. The first thing a baby wants is to communicate for which he tries to learn how to speak. As the world has become a global village, learning too many languages can be fun. Furthermore, toys should be selected which you want your children to be experts in the future. Like this, his childhood will also be a learning process and not get wasted