Effects of social media time on your child

One of the most discussed topics in the world is related to social media. It is in the form of digital marketing, digital warfare, etc. Exposure to social media and things that are displayed on the screen of your digital gadgets can have a long-lasting effect on the development of the personality of your child. For example, excessive use of social media and watching movies, and playing games can make your children dull. you must regulate the use of social media and screen watch time to develop an active child.

Cyber security and your children

It is the government that protects us from criminals. This criminal and police have a long relationship in history. Where innovations and digitization make our lives easier. Some notorious people want to be a criminal and try to invade the personal accounts of the public. From banks to food restaurants we have been limited to the digital world. We need some security regarding that. To protect its people from digital crimes, the government made institutions which are known as cyber security. Here comes the story of your child. Your children can not be aware of the laws about cyber crimes. They can break the laws unintentionally and can be caught up by the police. You have to keep checking the accounts of your children. You should also educate them about common crimes related to digital security.

 Here are some guidelines from the chief medical officer’s guidelines on screen time. 

Sleep schedule 

You, as parents, should make a schedule of the sleep pattern of your children. It is important to have a sound sleep to perform daily tasks actively the next morning. Furthermore, sleep is also very vital for health issues. Collect their devices before going to sleep.

As already discussed, children are not aware of laws regarding social media, parents must educate them about not sharing irrelevant material on Facebook, etc. without any confirmation.

Some devices and platforms are designed with special features inside them. You must learn how to use them. This will help you to keep a record of the time of the screenplay.

Precautions when, out and about 

Most of the deaths happen due to road accidents daily in the world. To be statistical, According to the world health organization 1.35 million deaths happened worldwide due to traffic injuries. So, it is better to keep your devices in your pockets while crossing the road.


Social media has also made some positive impacts on our lives. One can remain abreast of time about the world. You can know with one click what new product is launched in new york while sitting in the Aurain of Pakistan. But it’s our use that makes our lives dull. So we should avoid overusing it.

These children learn what we teach them. They also learn by watching others. As parents are role models to their children. So, be a practical example for them.