Fastest baby in the west 

Western countries are known for their developed infrastructure. They have developed such institutions which helped their distinction. Most of the philosophers gave their ideas to groom the uncivilised nations, America in general and Europe in particular. You might have heard about the fastest runner in the world. 

Jamaica star Usain Bolt holds the record of fastest runner in the world. His fastest hundred 100-metre records is  9.8seconds. You have also heard about the fastest animal in the world. If you don’t know the name of that animal I can write it for you. It is a cheetah. Cheetah runs an hour per mile. Similarly, the fastest bird is the eagle. Eagles fly 30-35 miles per  hour per hour in the air. Have you ever heard about the fastest baby in the world? Is it surprising for you? Of course, you should be. Here I will introduce you to the fastest baby in the west.  

Colourful babies in court 

The babies in this century are making their parents proud. In a fully packed hall of basketball, babies were dressed in colourful clothes. Ready to crawl on the floor where once Michael Jordan and legendary LeBron James made history. Now on the same ground tiny creatures were ready to make their history. It would be surprising that these would be the smallest creatures in the universe who will be making history for the first time.

Grandparents waiting for babies 

Parents holding their babies right behind the starting line were ready to land their babies on the floor. Everyone was shouting and making noise in support of their favourite babies. Some were hanging placards in support of the baby leading the race to win the prize. At the finishing line, there were standing grandparents calling towards them to win the prize.

Fastest Baby in the west 

With the blow of the whistle, babies start crawling. Here came the moments of joy. Babies are full of shame, maximum of them not leaving their parents, not even for a while. Some lost their direction in the middle of the race. While others went inside the lines of the others. But few of them were trained well and were looking more determined to win the prize of 5000 dollars. Few of them were slow but steady and stood second and third intact respectively. But one of them was so fast that he did not even stop anywhere in the race. He took a rest after making their parents proud. That baby has been announced the fastest baby in the world. And the whole world knows him by his beautiful name Mykolas Pociunas.

This tiny tot was the winner. The babies participating were 25 in number. Their mothers lured them by showing them their favourite things and hel[ped them win the first and most precious prize in their field. If you want your baby to be the fastest in the west, train them and register yourself in the next race. The day will be no farther when you will kiss your baby with pride.