Introduction to Basketball for Kids 

Sports and games are liked by every young person. They have energy and want to prove themselves as the fittest of all. There are a lot of sports and games in the world that are being played professionally by players. Their game is a priority to them. These games also keep you fit and healthy. There are sports and games which are played collectively and Basketball is one of them. Others are played individually. You can represent your country at the national level such as in the Olympics and in world tournaments. There are a lot of players who made their name in sports and games and your kid can be one of them shortly.

Here are some games that you can consider to get your son/daughter enrolled.

  • Basketball 
  • Football
  • Cricket 
  • Hockey
  • Badminton
  • Golf 
  • Tennis 
  • Skosh

We will discuss here only Basketball

Basketball is a game that is played as a team. Two teams compete against each other in a rectangular court having rings on both sides. Both teams contain five players at the time of playing. While the other two are reserved on both sides. The primary objective is to pass the ball through the bucket of the opponent’s ring.

The size of the ball is 24cm in diameter. The ring of the bucket has a diameter of 24 cm. 

The invention of the game 

James Naismith in Springfield, a gym teacher, invented this game in 1891. The inventor was a Canadian American. In a short period, this game has become the world’s most famous and viewed game. The most famous league is the NBA National Basketball association. Besides this, each continent has different leagues to compete with each other on the national level for instance EuroBasket and FIBA Americas.

Women’s Basketball 

These games are not restricted only to men although it is a tough game. Women are also thriving to be professionals in this game. This began in 1892. A physical education teacher named Senda Berenson modified the rules for the women’s Basketball team. The first women’s Basketball competition was held between the team of miss head and the University of California.

The WNBA, in 1997,  supported the women’s national Basketball association.

Rules and Regulations 

This game is played in four quarters. This quarter is 10 or 12 minutes. Mostly in colleges, they keep halves of 20 minutes. A stop is stopped when the game is not played. There are two referees present inside the court to check the rules and regulations to give the decision regarding the fouls.

This game needs a lot of stamina to play. It is because you don’t have any seconds to stand for the idol. Every player constantly remains in motion until the whistle is blown. Furthermore, this game has the most rupees. You can watch videos related to Basketball on youtube. Contemporary best players are Lebron James, Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant, etc.

 These players were also once young kids and they started this game to play professionally.

Now they are national heroes and everybody wants to have their autograph. If you want to excel in this, you have to look at this game.