Make your home baby proof 

Babies try to locomote when they get able to move around. They have inbuilt curiosity in this new world to explore the things around them. This keeps them busy and make them happy. Being tiny creatures they do not understand what they can approach and what should be avoided in order not to harm themselves. This is the most anxious moment for parents to keep them safe and home as well while performing their daily tasks at home. Here we will discuss some basic tips for making your baby-proof.

Why make home baby proof 

Due to accidents occurring at home more than 100000 children are admitted to the hospital. This accident can be fatal if you do not take care in time. Most severe accidents happen in the kitchen and bathroom while other accidents are also not neglectable. 

We can not minimise these risks up to zero but we can take precautionary measures to make these accidents to the minimum. Here are some tips that we can take to make our baby safe.

Make your places childproofing

It is suggested that you do not place a chair, stool, and table near windows, work surfaces and balconies. It can be fatal if the window is open and your baby can have an accident. So avoid such places.

Hot tea or water can burn your baby so you must be extremely careful. A cup of tea can be hot enough even if it has been lying for 15 minutes to get cool. Be careful and not place any such material where your baby is approachable. 

Pet animals are loved by most people around. But you should not trust as a whole. You must not leave your child alone and unattended with pet animals. 

Safety for hallways and stairs 

It is recommended that you put safety grates once your child starts crawling and keep your stairs cluster-free.

Help your baby to learn to crawl backward while coming down the stairs.

Bannisters are for our protection. You should use a bannister while going upstairs or coming downstairs.

You must make sure that any flammable things are not around your baby. 

Make your kitchen baby proof 

 It should be ensured that hot drinks should not be approachable to your baby. Sharp knives and any tools should be kept high so that they may be out of reach from your baby’s approach. If you show any negligence in managing this you can face a serious accident.

Babies are little tiny creatures. They do not know the good and bad things. We have to keep our children safe from mishaps. You should remember all the emergency numbers. In case of any emergency, you should call the helpline immediately. Once an accident has happened, now it is not in your hands to make it undo. What you can do is to be calm and make your baby not get the turtle. Reach out to the hospital as soon as possible once an accident has happened.