The Testing Teenage

Teenage is the most challenging age for every individual. You make friends, come to terms with the norms of the world, and set up on a journey to become an adult. This age is full of experiences and those experiences often lead to changes in personality. The body is changing fast due to the actions of hormones. Not only do the physical features of a teenager change but Teenage has deep and long-lasting impacts on the psychology of an individual. Interests, likes and dislikes all develop during this age. Every relationship of a teenager is impacted due to his/her behavioral changes.

Teenage lays the basis for a successful life of an individual. Those who excel in this age, find themselves in an advantageous position in future life. This age is not easy by any stretch of the imagination. In this article, we will discuss some of the tests every teenager has to go through and how to deal with them in the best possible way.

The biological changes

Teenage is the age of maturation when it comes to sexual grounds. It becomes hard for a teenager to accept what’s happening. He/ she is new to witnessing what hormones are capable of doing. It mostly happens in females that they become a victim of psychological stress due to the changes in their bodies.

Parents often deem it  taboo to speak about this issue. However, seeing the proliferation in these kinds of cases, parental counseling is now inevitable. Parents, being experienced heads, should take their sons and daughters into confidence. They shall tell them ways how to deal with these changes. They should tell them the significance of these changes in their lives and how they will shape their shape future life.

Attitude adjustment

Hormones not only cause the onset of biological changes but also causes plenty of changes in the behavior of teenagers. They have anger issues in some cases. They become easily offended and that often leads to sour relations with people in their social circle. They are near to becoming adults so they no longer want any interference from parents or any other adult in their lives. Full of zeal they are in continuous search of thrill. They don’t respect any restrictions.

Parental counseling is very important in dealing with this issue. They need to see things from the perspective of their Teenage child. They need to give them some space to have a taste of the world. They need to be patient while dealing with them. They should find ways how they can use the energies of their Teenage sons and daughters for positive purposes.

Living in a fool’s world

Teenage is full of imagination. Some teenagers are consumed by it to a dangerous level. They tend to live in their world, one they have hatched in their imagination. They start to overestimate themselves. So when the world turns out to be completely different they cannot cope with the disappointment. They tend not to speak of or accept reality. This makes them vulnerable. Some teenagers burden themselves too much with the expectations of their parents. So when their potential does not meet their expectations, they cannot bear the disappointment. They go inside the shell and their will to take initiative is diminished.

Parents should recognize the potential of their children. They should not burden them with too many expectations. They should tell them that he/she will not come out on top of every battle. They should be made aware of the fact that failures are the best teachers. Steadfastness should be made an integral part of the genome of every teenager. This can only be achieved through proper counseling.