Vitamin K is Indispensable for Newborns

After your Newborns have emerged into the world, it is up to you to decide whether to administer an injection of Vitamin K or not. It can be difficult to think with clarity after giving birth, and much less make important decisions about your baby’s health, because of what it is. It will be helpful to read about the dread about this important vaccine before going to the hospital.

Here’s something to think about: “Of every 100 babies lacking an injection of Vitamin K at birth could have bled for Vitamin K deficiency. one out of every five babies with VKDB can  die. M.D, paediatric hospitalist in the city of New York and assistant professor of paediatrics at the University of Columbia, author of the forthcoming book Parent Like a Paediatrician.

In addition, the Centres for the Control and Prevention of Diseases says that those who don’t receive an injection of Vitamin K are more likely to develop severe bleeding. 

Explore this article for information about Vitamin K injection for babies, including when to receive it, why you need it, and what can happen if anyone is not able to get it 

Intro to Vitamin K?

Bacteria are the source of production of Vitamin K. “Newborns, though  healthy, have livers that don’t make enough Vitamin K .This is said by most of the doctors. Elders can get the Vitamin K they need by eating a healthy diet that includes leafy green vegetables. But Newborns have low reserves of Vitamin K at birth. That is the reason they need a shot of Vitamin K shortly after birth.

Need of Vitamin K Shot

It takes time to develop Vitamin K in Newborns, who have naturally low levels of it. Newborns can’t benefit from healthy levels of Vitamin K in the birthing parent. It is not necessary to transfer Vitamin K only through the placenta.

After experiencing low levels of Vitamin K by the babies, they’re at risk for a life-threatening condition called Vitamin K deficiency bleeding.

This can lead to unpredictable fatal bleeding that can occur without warning or specific incident during the first few months of life, most commonly in the baby’s brain or intestines

We are discussing some factors  to make you easy to decide whether to give your baby Vitamin K or not through injection .

  • US states have laws in their constitutions that require administration of the Vitamin K injection.
  • Most doctors recommend that  the newborn should receive Vitamin K injection.
  • Oral Vitamin K supplements do not work as well as injection in preventing VKDB


 We must take care of our babies. Your small neglection can make  your baby sick. You can visit the doctor to get advice about Vitamin K shots. You should not compromise the health of your baby because any deficiency can lead to severe  disease in the future. So, it is better to take early steps to avoid disease that  happens due to deficiency of Vitamin K. It is better to get short term pain for the long term gain.